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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

Still working on that aspect of it.  Since my boyfriend has accepted more shifts, I am flying solo, but I still want to go.  I never get to do anything fun.  Oh, and since I have a "buy one, get one free" coupon, perchance I can split the cost of entrance in half with one of yous.  Yay for being cheap!

Yah, I am coming from Ridge, but to get there on public transit I would have to take a bus from here to Coquitlam, then from Coquitlam to Vancouver and then try and figure that all out and I am not a patient person.  However, that doesn't matter because my boyfriend has Thursday off, so I am going to try to talk him into taking me to the museum after I get off work for the Picasso exhibit and then dropping me off at the coffee shop for a bit while he wanders the city.  He is a little too...  mainstream to feel comfortable with all you spooky goths.

trixy: aren't u only coming from maple ridge? u have to take greyhound? cause im in coquitlam and we just ride in on public transit..

anyways..i dont know if i can make it thurs..i might be getting the ole needle jab to ward off the flu..i'll try my darndest tho..

Hmm, Picasso eh? Damn maths tests, always crop up at the worst of times.

I'm in for the meetup for sure, just hope I can gather up a bit more cash. Why is education so damn expensive?!

I might have lied in my last post.  I am thinking of going to the Picasso exhibit at the Vancouver Museum that afternoon after work, so I might be in the city anyways, in which case I will just wander around aimlessly til 6:30.  Anyone else want to look at art with me?

people, pls tell who is in? who is coming, i dont want a meeting with 2 people, the purpose is to know each other, isnt it? ok that's fine with me , i m coming

Gah...  looks like I am not going to be able to make it after all.  Sorry everyone!  I just don't have a ride or the funds to take a Greyhound out from here.  I hope you all have a great time!

sorry, i've been out of it for a while (crazy work stuff)... where are we at with this?  the 24th??

might not work for me (likely working late that day) but my busy time will be over after Dec2!

I have other commitments. I'll post the address tomorrow. Im having a bit of trouble signing in on my home computer so I might not be around for a while. Is anyone going to Darkrave tomorrow? If so, and you want to meet up, give me an email.

Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving? I'm sure it'll be worht it!

Next Thursday is perfect for me! How about some time around 6:30ish?

I'll be coming from North Van.

Thursday works for me!  I am coming from Maple Ridge, so I am going to have to figure out how I am going to get all the way to Vancouver, but I will do my best.

preferably i would like for or thurs, fri, sat or sun...what about thursday then? seems to go with everybodies plans? were is everybody coming from..?

See, now I am getting all excited.  I will just have to figure out how I am getting to Vancouver...  but I suppose that's something I can deal with when there's a date and a place (I don't care which day as long as it's Monday - Thursday ^__^).

Ok, I'll have a look around Gastown. There's a few artsy "alternative" looking cafes around there. Passed a cafe the other day with dolls heads on pikes and really old candles at the corner of a street off Granville.

Can also meet up during the week.

Of course not too late.  People have jobs and school and such...  I just hate being left out because of my stupid job.  >.<

Grr...  I wish there were more people available to hang out sometime during the week.  I work Friday nights til ten and then Saturday and Sunday nights from ten til six the next morning...  so I have no weekends.  Boo on that.  Is there anyone who would be up for meeting on a weekday rather than the weekend?  (Just putting it out there, feel free to dash my hopes and dreams)

i'll do it again..but u guys BETTER show up..preferably after this weekend..i have a huge paper due and im stressing like crazy..i would not be fun to be with..and i vote for a different was too noisy in taf's..

Yeah, my dad took my pass out of my wallet, cos he doesn't like driving a standard and his car(an auto) doesn't have functional wind screen wipers.

...Any whooooooooo, I vote for another date to be set. Next weekend? Weekend after?

Do you think there will be another night sometime in the near future?  I would really like to try and get out to Vancouver...  although my weekends are pretty much consumed by work.  Blast!

guys i told you all that i was out of the country, i came back yesterday, i really wanted to come but you all insisted on that day...

I'll be the ethnic looking goth in a velvet jacket and lace up boots.  I don't know about the others, but look for gothiness and you should be fine.

Or we could get a dorky sign :)

k..taf's cafe..6 pm..sat the 12th? open to children of the night?

count me in since i dont know what any of u look will i know im meeting the right people?

I don't suppose that there is any way of making it a little earlier? Like say 4:00 or 5:30? But then again, 6 is also fine... I'm just rambling...


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