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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

Hey everyone I too put out a word to meet up with people and recieved no reply, if any resolve comes to this meet up night let me know, I wont be available till at earliest june 15th which is a scheduled blender nite, does this work for anyone let me know, I can fit 3 people in my truck it will be tight but i'll get you there safe, will probably park on powell where it is free, short walk to club 23, let me know what you think....

I am very disappointed in the guides...  that was not cool of them to not show.  They didn't give me any heads up at all, or I would have let you all know.  Grr...

As for the car situation, we have a rental, they found ours all butchered (it will most likely be a write off) and so we are looking for a replacement...  grr.

Hey all, no one missed anything. The guides didn't turn up, or we didn't wait long enough.

Trixy, wish you the best of luck with your current situation, being left carless sucks in a big way.

Not too late at all, lainy, but I am sorry to tell you all that I won't be making it out.  Someone stole our car last night, so money is going to be tight for a while...  I hope everyone still has a good time, though.

I am going to be calling tomorrow afternoon to confirm one last time.  Can those who are going to definately be there please let me know?


Give Puck or myself a call if you don't know if you can make it on time and I will talk to the tour guide and see if you can join us whenever you get into town and possibly pay a little less or something.  Then just call when you're in the area, we will tell you where we are, and you can meet with us.  It would be quite sad if you were not able to join us.

Hey guys,

looks like I might not be able to make it.

Here is the deal, my cousin is flying back to Romania tomorrrow, her flight leaves at 7:15pm, and it's only fair that I accompany her to the airport since I am not going to see the girl for probably another year.

I will try REALLY REALLY hard to meet you guys in time, if you do not see me there, please forgive me, I still love you all :'(

Oh yeyness! I'm soo lookinh forward to it. I just hope I can find the money, I spent a little more than I should have tonight. Shouldn't be a problem tho, I'll  be there!

oh well, but it's only part time and it gives me something to occupy myself with I guess

and money, don't forget the money.

Yes, the 11th is a Tuesday.  We are meeting at the Angel of Liberty Statue right near Waterfront Station at 8pm.  The tour goes until 10pm.

Okay so the 11th is a tuesday, yes?

Where are we meeting again?(sorry, i've been a little slow and distant, i got a lame job so that's been taking up most of my precious time, but I have missed you all and look forward to seeing you ;D

You will be joining us Auburn, right? Purtty please...

Trixy, I have some friends from school that are interested as well, so our numbers may be on the rise. Thats still to be confirmed tho.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

I am making an executive decision.  This is the date we are going.  I need to get an official count of who is going to be there so I can tell the tour guides.  So far I have:

- Me and my fiance

- Puck (and possibly Adam?)

- harrysheep (maybe)

- Krayzy (and some friends?)

- Fallen Angel

Anyone else who wants to attend, try and let me know ASAP so I can contact the people who run the tours.  Who knows...  if we get enough of us together, I might even be able to swing some sort of discounted group rate or something.

Hey i will be into that... Just let me know the fixed date and i will make sure i am there.

Either the tuesday or thursday is good for me

Fallen Angel


If you want to bring some friends, that would be cool...  we've not yet picked a fixed date, that is something that still needs to work out.  The site for the tour we are looking into is [url=]here.

The tentative date stands at April 11th, a Tuesday.  However, the tour also runs on Thursdays, so the 13th is also an option.  As I said before the tour is $15 per person and goes from 8pm - 10pm.

Anyone else interested let me know.

im up for a ghost tour, in fact i was just talk about trying to find one with my bf .

Let me know the set date etc. and i'll spread the word :)


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