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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

Yeah, Thursday is good, and not too late(pre calc test at 8:30 on a Friday morning, how sick is that?!). I think  the Cafe Crepe on Robson is the go. Any one else in?

On another note on the 17th there is a Left Spine Down show, that could double as a meet up and any one planning on being at Sanctuary on the 19th?

Okay, lets pick a day that works for all and what time everybody is available and where they would like to go

This week, i'm  busy friday and saturday, but i can do thursday and sunday, preferably somewhere downtown, i'm really horrible with directions.

Me working graveyards on the weekends makes it really tough for me to go anywhere Friday - Sunday nights, so if more people can get together on those days and you want to plan something for then, I totally understand and don't mind at all.

Is there anyone interested in getting together?  The other meet-ups have been fun, but it would be cool to get some more people together.  Puck and I are really awesome!  Hang out with us!  Please?  >.>

Date: Any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Time: Evening (after 7:00pm, perhaps later)

Location: Cafe Crepe on Robson

We need other people to let us know if Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays work for them, try and find which of those days the majority of people can get together and then decide on a time.

at least write a summary like that




so i or the others can easily learn the info. , i didnt come cus i couldnt know when ?

i dont have to try to figure it out from the previous posts.... and we can get majority as well...

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday all work for me, too.  However, from the lack of response from anyone else...  it might be another small gathering.  C'mon people!  Who's free those days?

I think you're right.  I really liked the place we went to last week, the Cafe Crepe on Robson.  Why don't we meet there again?  The music was decent, not too loud, the drinks were good, etc.  We just have to pick a date and maybe make reservations.

Ummhmm, I suppose if we want a bigger turn out we should stat planing like a month ahead, make sure every one knows the details well ahead of time.

Yah, it's tomorrow.  I am voting for Cafe Crepe (Robson location), 8:00 - 8:15pm meet-up time.  We will chill there til whenever, maybe wander a bit and send Swoop off.  Puck's in, I'll be there, who else is coming?  I will check back here tomorrow morning before I hop on the bus out for my Super-Awesome-Vancouver-Adventure.  If there are any changes between when I check here around 8:00am and when we are to meet 12 hours later someone call me (I will message my phone number to Puck, I guess).  I will be with Swoop in Vancouver all day, so we can work something out over the phone if need be.

Hope to see more than one or two people there.  Ta!

Ok, I hate looking for things in this city. Ok, so there is this place on Granville called the Granville Room, it is kinda dark, not really gothy, but interesting non the less. Starters start at $8 and go to about $18. Cafe Crepe has nothing over $10 and advertise 'Downtown's most affordable liquor prices', the Granville location is bigger, but closes at 10, the Robson location is a bit darker and closes at 11. Of course there is also the suggestion Artratus made.  Is this tomorrow?

After 8:00 sounds good to me, so we just have to definately pick a place.  My wallet is a little lighter as I just purchased some hair dying things so nothing TOO expensive, but I am open to anything below the filet mignon level on the expense scale.  ^^

Yup, Wednesday are fine, but I can't make it till about 8:00(class finishes at 7:30). I was going to ask every one's price ranges, personally I'm very partial to the Cafe Crep on Granville but they may kinda be a bit pricy(I always go with my mummy, so I never really look at the prices).

I think "appies" is not so much peculiar to BC, but peculiar to people that have worked in the restaurant industry. I know present and ex restaurant staff in other cities that use the term but hardly ever hear it from people that haven't worked in restaurants.

I won't be able to make it (but fortunately saw Mr. Swoop on Saturday), yet may I suggest the restaurant in the Kingston Hotel on Richard's street (the former Rose and  Thorn pub, for those that might remember the RAT). It's on the west side of Richards street just north of Georgia St. If you are coming from the SkyTrain, get off at Granville, exit via Seymour Street (i.e. hook a hard right around the little flower/gift shop at the top of the escalators and then up the stairs rather than going through the corridor under the Bay). Go to Georgia, cross the street, turn right on to Richards at the parkade, the restaurant is the first door after the parkade. It's a nice place, licensed, I recommend the onion ring tower and a pint of Guinness. There are pool tables downstairs.

In Ontario, they are simply called "Appetizers".  Some folks might call them starters, but my observation is that most call them Appetizers.  And thanks for the well wishes.

Appies is a BC term? I've lived here my whole life and didn't know that. What do they call them in Ontario Swoop? Won't be able to make it on Wednesday so I'll say farewell right now. Good luck Swoop!

We're narrowing it down a little further.  I've got Trixy coming into town on Wed.  Is anyone else free Wednesday evening?  And if so, does anyone have a comfy not too loud place in mind where we can get together for chatting and beverage consuming?  Maybe some light appies (a BC term I've been afflicted with that denotes appetizers).

Maybe we can meet up Wednesday or Thursday (seeing as I really want to be there and those are the only days that work for me).  Is anyone else available those nights?

I'm soooooo in! Only, Sundays are really bad for me. I have time off school on Tuesday, so I can go scope out somewhere nice.

Yes!  A great big Swoopy Love-fest for me!  That sounds positively marvy.  Though I have to admit I am somewhat unfamiliar with places to go on the mainland (being an islander and all).  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, and be sure to include an address if you can.  I'd hate for anyone to get lost. :)

Anyone else up for it?  As far as I know, Swoop will be here for a week before flying off to N.Z. so we have a little time to work something out...  Maybe meet somewhere for coffee and hang out and wish him good luck?

Anyone have suggestions of a slightly more intimate/less noisy/less dark place than Subeez where we can all meet up?

I want to meet up again!  I am up for it any night of the week EXCEPT Friday/Saturday?Sunday, which I know, is when most people are free.  However, if we can work something out for during the week that would end a little earlier, I am so there.

Ah, alack and alas, tonsilitus(sp?) has struck me down, and mother has orderd me under house arrest till I'm healthy. Happy birthday for Thursday Esquire!

No idea, I just learned my dad is taking me out to dinner for my birthday on I'll have to bail before plans are even made. Maybe Skank on the 15th, or is everyone going to be tired from Sin City the night before?


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