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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

haha Trixy. Yeah well I'm far too familiar with that little game myself. I been trying to weeks to organize an event with some people from my college and have finally given up entirely with them. That is why I suggest a coffee shop. Less hassle and no big deal if people never appear.

Downtown works for me, I live out in the west side suburbs near UBC (Dunbar/Southlands area if anyone knows it)

Make reservations?  You really are new.  Here's how it goes down...  we deliberate for weeks about where to go and when.  A bunch of people say they are interested and will be there and then when it comes time...  it's me, Puck and occasionally esquire or Gloria (I forget her screen name).  :P

Well, it seems to me that we have about five people interested. Where is everyone situated? I'm in Coquitlam. Perhaps downtown somewhere would be a good central location?

Well there are any number of coffee shops that could work well. If we wanted to go bigger though, like a sit down and chat over food and drinks thing, then maybe a restaraunt.

Problem there is we would need to book a big enough reservation in advance, whereas with a coffee shop there is less set up work. I'm not really sure how to go about organizing a group booking anywhere, but its something I've seen work in the past for various meet-ups so thought I would toss the idea out there.

I am not one for Sanctuary, but I would definately meet up for coffee or something else.  We should come up with something really marvy this time!  Perhaps a belated holiday get-together?

Trixy! Welcome back, how are you darling? As for a meet up, that would be cool. I would suggest perhaps meeting for coffee before sanctuary one sunday night, or the old stand by, cafe crepe.

I remember you from.. uh.. seeing your posts around this forum? lol

Anyway I'm always up for meeting new people so I think some sort of get together would be awsome. Anyone have a preferred time/place? I'm avaliable pretty much anytime Friday-Sunday (and then any day of the week in about a month after the semester ends)

I'm baaack!  Anyhow, I would love to start trying to work out another meet up.  Anyone out there that still remembers me?  >_>

There isn't really a set time or place, just some of us have gotten together to meet up over coffee or crepes and chat. It's a great way to meet other similar individuals, and I do agree that it is hard to meet people at the clubs. If you're interested in scheduling another meet up, I'm game, and I'm sure others will be as well.

So, I'm wondering... is there a goth meetup place or places in vancouver? I've been semi into the goth scene for awhile, and I only say semi because I never seem to meet any goths. I like the music and look(s) and I've started going to some clubs... Sin City, Sanctuary... but I find it hard to meet people there.

I'm somewhat shy until I get to know people, but I figured if there was a place I could get to know people then that would help solve the problem.

i just moved to kamloops, from ontario, new here and looking for friends, i enjoy hot chocolate and sugar, but deadly allergic to molasses which sucks because all of starbucks treats are made with them, how do i know i asked for the ingredients, even the chocolate chip cookies are, wierd huh. so then timmies or somewere else i guess.

That's unfortuante. Perhaps next year then. In the meantime, the Burr Theathre in New West holds entertaining and reasonably priced plays.

Did I miss this? If it is still a possibility I would love a chance to meet some locals and see some Shakespeare.

I would love to meet more people. I have met a few people through my close friend Marika and they are so very nice and kind. I have been to Sin City and Skank a few times, I love it very much. It's just that I am very shy and I tend to stutter when I meet people for the first time.

I'm back... where's every one else? What ya'll been up to? Trixy, thanks for teh offer, but if the meet up goes ahead, I should be able to cover my ticket(Left over Euros from doing the shopping for mummy :) )

It runs until September 24th, Puck, so if no one objects, perhaps we can wait to go until Puck gets home so she can join us?  And since I know funds might be a mite tight after your return, Puck, your ticket will be on me.

Gah! I really wish I could go! Especially if you guys go to see Mid Summer Night's dream, bahumbug! Jks, hope you guys have fun and I look forward to reading at least a short review some where on the board when I get back.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Measure for Measure, The Winter's Tale, Troilus & Cressida.  I particularily want to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, but I am open to seeing any one of them.

Hey, I just had a thought...  who would be interested in getting together to go see Bard on the Beach?  I really want to go this year, and it is always more fun with friends.  Afterwards we could go somewhere for coffee, talk about the play, enjoy one another's company, etc.  Just an idea...

I've joined  This forum today and am getting most interested in the goth meetup. Recently I Moved in VanCity, originally from Europe…so u have another tall dark goth type in BC


Just poking my nosy nose in... when you guys have a date picked out, maybe start a new topic so new interested parties can easily find it?  Or start a new thread like "Goth Meet-Up - (Month)" or something?  I'm just thinking that at this point with 23 pages of posts, you might get more people jumping in if there's less to read through.


Ah, in my short absence, my fatehr was left to make flight bookings, it now appears that I'm flying out on the 28th, and will not be able to make the 29th meet up.

I'm free both Saturdays, 22nd and 29th. 29th would probably be better since more people can go. Anyone else up for going, or is it just us three?

I can do the 29th, but I hav very limitted time, cos I have to be at the airport at about 6:00 and I'll prob still have to finish packing.

So, possible dates, the 8th(next week), the 22nd(weekend after the 15th) or the weekend after that. Whats best for every one? I've got no life, and can acomodate most dates, but like Esquire can't do the weekend of the 15th.

Sounds like a good idea Puck & Trixy, count me in if you go. Do you have a particular Saturday in mind? the 15th is no good for me as I am hosting a barbeque.

Stanley Park sounds like a good, and less expensive plan.  I will buy peanuts so as to feed the squirrels.  I, as of right now, have Mondays and Tuesdays off, and work from 10pm - 6am Saturday/Sunday and Sunday/Monday, so a Saturday during the day get together type thinger would work for me.

i just found out that blender is tonight ! I so want to go, but every time i say that i am, something always comes up :( if i do go maybe i'll see some of your guys there ! if not, maybe another time !

Either way i need to get the hell outta the house, i think im on the verge of becoming a hermit or something  lol

I am also out for Canada Day Blender, I was thinking we should do something out side to make the best of this lovely sunshine(*shock horrow! How ungoth of me!), so PNE or a get together at  say Stanly Park, some time during the way would be awsome. I'd prefer something on a weekend, but I'm flexible.

Clubs on a whole aren't the best place to meet, cos we usualy have at least one person who is underaged coming.

As I still work nights on the weekends, Blender is a no-go for me.  I would like to meet up again, though.  I thought we discussed at the last meet some sort of "Goth PNE/Playland" get together?  That would be fun...  although we do run the risk of getting tans, therefore ruining our lovely palid complexions.

Club get-togethers are out for me, but I really would love to see you, Puck, and Gloria again, at the very least.

Give it one last kick Puck, Trixy everyone, Canada Day Blender at  23, I will meet you all anywhere Saturday starts at 9 goes till 3, lets do it...........newbloodbbryan


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