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I noticed there's a lot of new people, such as myself that are new to Vancouver/the scene here.  Would anyone be interested in doing regular meet-ups nights at a coffeehouse or somesuch?  I know the goth meetups they had here are pretty much defunct...who wants to revive them?

The earliest I'll be able to attend any sort of social gathering that requires money will be in April, so I guess I could put my name down for the 4th, but, due to recent events, even that is being overly optimistic.

So we have plenty of time to work it out, how about Thursday, March 30th, or Tuesday April 4th?  That gives us two or three weeks to get people on board, etc.  The tour costs $15 per person and lasts two hours, beginning at 8pm and ending at 10pm.  Anyone who wants more info, check out [url=]the website.

Hey, everyone.  Is anyone up for starting to plan a night for the Gastown Ghost tour sometime in the near future.  It would definately be cool to get more than just the regular three or four of us out for a night.

I work really close to the Well and some of my work-mates are trying to talk me into going for a few after work. If I go it's a cinch I'll still be there at 6.

What is this? I lose my internet for a week or so and nobody's posting? A few people from my work are meeting at St. James Well in Port Moody on St. Patrick's Day if anyone wants to join us. It's around 6pm or so.

Hey, my internet has been down the last week or so. Just in case anyone has been wondering whether or not I'm still alive. I am, so you can all stop worrying.

Alright, I am there.  Esquire, I am going to be going into Vancouver earlier in the day with Jordan to just bum around, so I won't be able to take the bus with you, but here's how to get there if you still want to bus down:

Take the 160 from Station Bay 6 at Coquitlam Central Station at 2:03pm.  Get off the bus at the last stop, Burrard Station.  Turn left, going down Burrard until you get to Robson.  Cross the street so you are on the far side of Robson Street and then go right.  It's 1032 Robson.  There are big windows in front.  Pretty simple.

Lets do Robson then, so that every one knows where we are going. Personaly after walking fom Waterfront to the Cactus Club last week, I think I could find anything in Downtown with out an extra transit fair.

Right, so 3:00(1500) at Robson Cafe Crepe?

We need to make a decision as to which location we want to go to.  For me and Esquire, the Robson location saves us another tranist fare, so $4.50 each for the round trip.  I am not totally comfortable with my knowledge of how to get around in Vancouver, so it would make it a little easier on me to go somewhere I am familiar with.  However, I am sure that I can get myself to the Granville location if anyone feels it neccessary to have a drink at 3:00pm on a Sunday afternoon.  :P

So, whatever you guys decide is fine, but that's just my two cents.

Actually, I don't really care which one we go to, I realized that 3 in the afternoon was too early to drink anyway.

Oh yeah, professor mentioned that he wanted to come along, maybe i'll message him

What of the Professor guy, is he joining us? Has he been seen since he arived(if that makes sense). Any who, looking forward to this, yey!

Just called and they still don't have one, so I guess we should go to the Granville one then.  Hmm...  I don't think Jordan is working Sunday (I might be wrong), so I might drag him along, too.  Esquire, I will let you know what the transit plan is.

Umm...  I thought the one on Robson, but...  didn't the girl say, last time, that they were just waiting on the liquor liscence and they would have it within a week or so?  Besides, Gloria, you're too young to drink.  :P

I can call the Robson location and ask if they have their liquor liscence yet.

Alright.  I will make sure I show you where the stop is that you have to catch the bus to get back home if we don't end up going back together.  It's pretty straight-forward.

Esquire, around what time do you want to be heading back to Coquitlam?  I am going to be taking the 5:07 or the 5:37 bus to get me back between 6:00 and 6:30 so that I can just walk over to the mall and catch a lift home with my fiance when he is off work.

So 3:00 at Cafe Crepe on Sunday afternoon?  Awesome-ness!

So Tia, Gloria, myself and Esquire (do you have a real name?) are in; is there anyone else out there who is free this Sunday afternoon for some coffee and good company?

Also, Esquire, the 160 bus that will take us to Burrard station, right near where we need to go, leaves Coquitlam Central Station Bay 6 at 2:03pm Sunday and we will arrive at 2:54pm.  To get back to Coquitlam we just take the same bus, the 160, back to Coquitlam. 

Sure Trixy, that sounds good. I'll meet up with you at Coquitlam Central Station on Sunday then. Just let me know what time to meet you.


Woops!  My brain stopped working.  Clearly I meant Cafe Crepe.  Sheesh, Trista, get your head on straight!

Anyhow...  moving right along, obviously ignoring my stupid moment...

3:00 or 3:30ish works for me.  We could always hook up at Subeez again, buuuuut...  if there is somewhere else anyone can think of, that would be nice.


Esquire - are you planning on driving or taking the bus?  If you have a car I would still suggest parking at Coquitlam Central Station and bussing there because it would be cheaper than paying for gas there and back, and parking, plus it will save you the hassle of finding a place to park, etc.  If you do take the bus, then we can meet at the bus station as that is how I am going to be getting there, seeing as I have no car.

Sounds good, everyone else good with that? Anyone have any suggestions for places to go? If not, Trixy, I'll need either directions there or just let me know the general area it's in. Thanx.

3:00 or 3:30ish works for me.  We could always hook up at Cafe Crepe again, buuuuut...  if there is somewhere else anyone can think of, that would be nice.

Sunday's cool with me too. I guess everyone would prefer the Vancouver area? Anyone know of any good coffee houses downtown? How's 3:00 or 3:30?

I could do something on Sunday during the day, perhaps.  I work until ten on Friday and I have plans Saturday night, so that's the only time this weekend that works...  Blah.  Anyone else up for doing something Sunday?

I know it's early in the week but it's never too early to plan something. This weekend, I am completely free. Nothing going on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Anyone like to join me for a coffee or a drink one of those evenings? Puck? Auburn? Trixy? Count? Anyone else?

Any one still in?

I would still like to come!

Do you still want to go Puck? it looks like it's going to be just us but we can make it fun.

Too bad your not coming Trixy, you will be missed :'(

Looks like I am not going to be able to make it out there after all as I have to go to my parents's house for my sisters birthday dinner.  Sorry everyone.

I'll do the tour another weekend for sure. In the meantime, enjoy your night out ladies, and I'll enjoy my belated birthday dinner. We'll speak next week.

Well, if everyone is iffy on the tour this week, then lets just meet at the Cactus Club for drinks and food and save the tour for another week, possibly when it is a little less chilly out at night.

Yup, I'm with Auburn on this one. I'm in for dinner, well drinks at least, but I'm not sure about the tour right now.

So whats the new plan?


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