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Site updates for January 5, 2014

Here's what's new since the last site update:

  • The Gothic BC Google+ page now displays the Picture of the Day, front-page articles, new feature pictures in the public photo gallery and eye-candy from the Gothic BC Tumblr — basically all the same stuff we feed to the Gothic BC facebook page but bigger, better and more awesome. Why? Because we know you want to use G+ but don't because nobody is posting anything interesting... well, we are. Add the Gothic BC Google+ page to your circles.
  • The ability to attach a picture to a blog update. The thumbnail in the blog entry is clickable to get a bigger version of the picture.
  • Updated the "What is this website for?" answer in the FAQ (which also shows on the home page).
  • Some problems with swiping to navigate when using the public photo gallery have been fixed.

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