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Site updates

New features and fixes as of Christmas Eve:

  • Removed some over-zealous spam protection on the user profile form that was inadvertently blocking accounts as soon as they were created.
  • Added a specific view for personal photo albums.
  • Photo albums are friends-only by default, but there is now a "grant" button to make them available to broader audiences.
  • Conversely, forum and blog posts are public by default but the "grant" button can be used to restrict them. 
  • Users must be logged in now to rate public photos. There is a "like" button on the full-screen/phone view that is equivalent to giving a 4/5 bat rating to the image on the image page. The comment/tag link on the full-view can still be used to go to the image page to comment, tag, or give a more nuanced rating from 1 to 5 bats. 
  • All old duplicated votes (i.e. votes from the same user or the same IP on the same image) have been purged, which effectively gets rid of "vanity votes" and makes the top-photos view a much truer representation of the best photos on the site. 

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