Yay, we need a roommate!

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Hey, my roomates and I ( two guys and a girl 21-26 years old) are looking for a female roomate for July 15th!  The rent is $362.50 / mo.  The house is at Inverness and Kingsway. 

We have a four bedroom house, and there's two rooms free, we use one for storage, but you can pick whichever one you want.  We have a rat name Charley, but we can't have anymore pets with hair, or ones that will eat Charley. 

We live 20 minutes away from downtown taking the number 19 bus, and we're right near a bus stop. 

Must have money to pay the rent all the time !

We have free laundry, and a broken truck in the back yard!

We have lots of grass we never cut, and some sort of weird half brick lawn.

We have two bathrooms and one of them even has a toilet!

We're looking for people around the same age as us.

Our house looks really fucking rad!

Here's a picture of us!


Email us if you're interested!

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