Eating Disorders

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I know that this may be a weird subject but I was wondering if anyone else here went through one. Personally, i'm in a constant battle with weight, calories, etc...

I have something called binge eating, which is me basically looking at a piece of cheesecake thinking "mhhh, that looks good" and then ending up eating the entire cake.

I won't eat for a long time but when I do, i stuff myself so much that it results in a horrifying stomach ache and then feeling guilty for the rest of the day.

It's an annoying thing to have control your life,

I was wondering if anybody else has any stories they would like to share


Actually...I too went through the same thing for years.

It is an over judged and misunderstood illness. Vanity has little to do it.

I went through a nightmare...but clawed my way out.

My life has become about helping others meet me on the other side., because it glorious here.

I had an eating disorder when I was younger. I managed to beat it because I realized that I wasn't eating because I was hungry, I was eating just because the food was there. I'm not going to lie here, I still binge on pizza every once and a while, but I've really gotten better over the years. I guess its just like any other addiction, you'll beat it if you just keep focused and keep your mind on it. For example, I've heard that if you're a recovering alcoholic, you will always be recovering for the rest of your life.

I binge too :( It's very frustrating. I blank out my mind when I do it so I wouldn't feel anything, then I'd eat until I am about to vomit. After I just feel really really guilty for binging in the first place and having no self control. I can't lose weight by eating healthy or excercising. I lose more weight eating junk (but I don't like junk) and excercising just adds a few more pounds of muscle to me.  The only way is to not eat but it hasn't been very successful.

Yeah, I went throug something quite similar, I still tend to laps into it when I'm depressed and my self image is a bit low. I'll eat one day, then not eat at all for a few days following. When I smoked it was very easy to do, but with no way to controle the hunger, it gets a bit difficult.

When I was in highschool, as opposed to over eating, I was utterly obsessed with burning the right ammount of Kj's and building muscle(I was trying to fit into the surf scene, and six-packs with belly button piercings were a must). So I'd keep a note book as to how much extra excercise I had to do depending on how much I had eaten that day.

Yeah fun times, incidentally, I think that Eating Dissorder Awairness Week is coming up, if it isn't(or wasn't) this week.

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