Back in the Saddle

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Well folks, I moved to BC to find a nice teaching gig, and I did... In New Zealand.  I just got offered a job in Whakatane, New Zealand (in the Bay of Plenty region).  So in less than 2 months I'll be on a plane speeding towards the southern hemisphere.  Yeah me!  But that does mean that you'll have to continue to put up with me for another month or so.  Since I'm moving I will have to be getting rid of a thing or two...  namely my car. 

If anyone out there is interested in purchasing a '92 Cutlass, that's still in great condition (I've taken very good care of it as I'm paranoid about road safety), drop me a line.

As a matter of fact, there are pictures of me wearing a Catholic School Girl's uniform out there.  Part of a stage show for a school I used to teach at in Toronto.  All in good fun.

Do you have these pictures?  May I see them?  ^__^

Jaffas are chocolate balls coated in hard candy much like Smarties or M&Ms but the candy is bright orange and tastes like oranges.  They are so yummy.

Dress up a woman, or dress up AS a woman? 

LOL, I meant "as". Proof positive that a single typo can make a world of difference to the meaning.

I think it is a shame that this venerable tradition didn't carry over to air travel. ;)

And chocolate fish...  even Fanta is hard to come by.  Hokey Pokey, rasperry ice...  and unless you know someone who makes it, you can't get pavlova.  But you know what I really miss?  Passion fruit sauce...  yum!

Ummm, Jaffas, I was to busy bitching about the lack of MintSlice, TimTams and Dara Lee to even notice they don't exist here.

I just want to know if you are planning to do the traditional dress up a woman and get your ear pierced thing when you cross over the equator?

Gah, if I had $4200 I would be in school by now.  Oh well, too bad.  I guess I don't really need a car.

And stop offering!

Will you give me the car for free acuz you love me so?  I thought not...  what are you asking for it?

I am sad that you are leaving...  Not fair, not fair at all.  I hope you're happy there, though...

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