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What I can tell you about the box given the information given.

First as stated the prayer on the back is the Shmah said 4 times a day. In the morning when one first wakes up, at the morning prayers, during the evening prayers and lastly when lying in bed before going to sleep.

Secondly, the golden goblet. given that the box is a wine Cabinet owned by a Jew, it is expected that one would have a goblet close by as wine is often used for ceremony. in most Jewish households, there is a goblet for every chair at the largest table in the house. The reason being, that when one comes to a Jewish house for a ceremonial dinner, as ceremonial dinners often have many guest, it is expected that every male over Bar-Mitvah (age of 13) will say the Kiddush, the blessing over wine.

Third the engraved marble. Shalom in the literal translation means "peace" and is used for greatings and departing.

Forth the Candle holder, on Holy Days, such as Succot, Passover, Shavuot,

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