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So since I'm going down to Vancouver to see Bauhaus, me and the friend I'm travelling with are planning on taking the bus down on Tuesday evening, so we can spend the Wednsday hanging out in Vancouver, then The Thursday morning before the concert as well...

Anyways, so I was just wondering what shops/landmarks/whatever there would be to see those days. Keep in mind I'm a minor so clubs would probably be out of the question. Thanks for any suggestions you might come up with :)


Check out the "Where to Find It - BC" thread for a bunch of places you can go shopping.

What are you looking for? Touristy things? Museums? Art Galleries? Comic book shops? Restaurants?

I've always liked going to Science World. The Vancouver Art gallery is worth a look, too. Just getting on the SkyTrain and riding it out to New West and back for a cheap "aerial tour" of Vancouver is interesting if you are new to the city. There are some nice views of downtown from the train. Likewise taking the Seabus to North Van and back gives you a great view of the city and the Lonsdale Market is a good place to grab a cheap meal.

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