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hey everyone

im just wondering if anyone has any good tattoo desighs

im thinking of getting one but im not wure of wat and on my body

maybe a gothic idea would be nice

any suggestions?


thx for the info

i knew to think about it

i will probobly go down to a tattoo artist and look at some of the desighs

then i can c wat i like and if i want it on me for the rest of my life

MidLMan, you're right on point with this one. Every time I've considered a tattoo I've run the question through my head, "What will I think of this when I'm 80?"

So far nothing has made the cut.

Not being a fan of Tattoos myself, this is the advice I give anybody who ever asks this question.

If you really want a tattoo, remember that it's permanent. It's going to be with you for a long time. So it should probably be something meaningful to you, and that will retain that meaning to you for a very long period of time. Treat it as a reflection of yourself. And I don't mean a reflection of whatever phase in your life you're currently in. Make sure it's something you really like that really suits you.

I also suggest that if you're really set on the idea and you do want something personal, that the best way to achieve that is to custom design it yourself.

Then, think on it for at least a month. If after that amount of time it still seems like a good idea, go for it.

It's going to be on YOUR body, not mine, and seeing as tho I don't know you, I'd hardly be ther person to ask... If you are stuck for ideas ask your mates about what they think would represent you the best. I know people who wanted a tat just for the sake of having a tat and got things like their family coat of arms.

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