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I've been a busy little bee lately, so I thought I would show off a bit.  Because I can, heh.

Things I've made lately (small pics so they won't drive you crazy):

I think that's enough for now.  I made this necklace with a little silver bat on it today, I'll post a pic of it tomorrow.  It's soooo cute!!!


Thanks for the offer! I've never set one up before, if I have any questions I will definitely shoot them your way.

I think my boyfriend and I will be at Sanctuary on the 25th, hopefully we'll see you and Atratus there?

I've been a big fan of your creations for a while now, I keep peeking at your site to see what's new. I've also used your store as example of a good ebay store to a friend who I will probably be helping to set up her own store.

My mother is an ebay-aholic, so I directed her towards a couple of your items as potential gifts for my up-coming birthday, can't wait. ;)

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