Shopping in Victoria?

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I could really use some good direction on interesting clothing stores in Victoria, there doesn't seem to be a lot around here and I can't sustain my online shopping habits.

If any of the stores mentioned above carry some decently good stuff, please let me know and I'll add them to the "Where To Find It" list.  I need to know what they sell that might be of interest to Goths: shoes, mens' or womens' clothing, accessories, etc.  If you could help I'd appreciate it - and I'm sure many who visit Victoria in the future would appreciate it too!


Funky Town on Johnston Street carries some Lip Service clothing every now and then.

Stores like Rebel Rebel, Side Show, and Still Life all have some potential. They're all on Johnston Street, the side of it that has Market Square. If you want exact addresses I can get them for you or you can just look them up in the phone book.