The Oppossition Of The Majority: The Throne Speech

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The Oppossition Of The Majority, the new catch term for the group representing 173 mandates of the 308 Federal mandates has sent a letter signed by the three party leaders of the Majorty to Adriane Clarkson the Governor General dictating to her how they wish to see things handled in Parlement.

Many political commentators state that this act is incredibly arrogant because they are not the government, even though they were not given a chance to see if they could unite to make it.

What do you think?

Because we are in a state of a minority government, if there is a vote of non-confidence, then the GG has the option to either ask the next largest party to make the government or to call new elections.

The opposition dictated to her what they saw as reason to call a new election instead of asking the other parties to make a government.

They tried to outline what sort of votes would constitute non-confidence. eg that throne speech being defeated is non-confidence, the gun registry being defeated is not non-confidence.

Pardon my naivety, but isn't the GG basically the Queen's stand-in, who doesn't have a bloody thing to do with how the government itself functions technically as a system anyway?  Why write to *her* if they have a problem getting their shit together??

(I should probably stay out of this because I've always thought Adrianne Clarkson was a poor choice anyway)

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