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Anyone here play online games?

I'm going to flaunt my

i play wolfenstein enemy territory(wich you can dl 4 free)

What is your nick in et?

I am still playing et, if I find time for it and sometimes a bit of Blitzkrieg (1) or Risk.

Battlfield 1942 (and expansions)


WOW (its boring but my friends play it and i loved the first 2 warcrafts)

battlefield 2142

In the past I've played (in large, large, time-wasting amounts):


Diablo II

Age of Empires II: Conquerors

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Vietnam

Day of Defeat (Half-Life mod)


Ragnarok Online (private servers)

And up until a few months ago (before I pretty much just completely stopped), I played:

Day of Defeat: Source (anyone play this? Although I don't play or map anymore, I do have a few known maps)

Counter-Strike: Source

Battlefield 2

World of Warcraft

WoW, at first I played on private servers... but then my brother gave me a free 1-year subscription (he was given 2 at work) back in June. But I've pretty much stopped gaming altogether ever since I started school... so it's kinda going to waste, unfortunately. Now the only games I play (when I do play, that is) is SimCity 4.

Lets see when it occurrs a few friends and my self like to play Rome Total War, BF1942. I tried World of Warcraft for a while but my real life demanded my time (I know where your coming from Darkline).

I've been online gaming since qtest was released many years back. Have also been involved with MMOG's since the original closed beta for EQ. Have beta'd so many MMO's over the last decade+ that it would be hard to list them all. Presently I run my own freeshard WoW server and spend far too much time working on that as well as playing a little.

online Gaming? Definately "Faith" which is a web based role playing game surrounding the theme "Chaos" and of course ruling your own kingdom!

and I love to play Torn City. its a crime drama web based game. its freaking addictive for people like me. :-)

I used to play Diablo 2 on bnet so much. Now, I play Warcraft 3, but not World of Warcraft. I refuse to play those pay games. I like the tycoon games too. I'm also still loyal to Nintendo, despite the fact I'm in my mid-twenties. I love the Zelda and Metroid series.

i play wolfenstein enemy territory(wich you can dl 4 free) USED TO PLAY jedi academy and Jedi outcast before my comp screwed itself over.

*sigh I wish I brought my copy Diablo 2 with me when I drove out here, thats a sweet game.  Right now I'm playing such games as Counter Strike Source, bearing thru Battlefield 2 Demo, and playing Guild wars.

For all your Diablo fanatics, if you like the game play of Diablo, and the free online access. I totally recommend Guildwars definetly worth picking up. If anyone is actually playing it lemme know.

Anyone here play online games?

I'm going to flaunt my ?ber-nerdiness and tell you that I have 4 NeoPets accounts, and I can sometimes be found lurking around on playing Diablo II...


I too play Diablo II ALL THE TIME! We must play together one day :)

Well I mean, I could be wrong about the money thing, but that's what I've heard from the guys i've talked to.

And yes, you're right: it's not out. It's in beta testing at the moment. BUT if you pre-order you get an access CD that allows you to play the BETA before the game is officially released.

Haha, Guild wars hasen't even come out yet, Check the website, it has nothing saying about hidden fee's, Its supposed to Be like Diablo 2, You just find the weapons and armor on the ground, heres the site [url]

I go to the AIVB and I'm surrounded by gaming geeks every day. I can think of about a handful of people in my classes that play guild wars. Trust me: weapons and armor cost real money.

yeah, but I hope you have a fat wallet. There's not monthly fee, but there's still a catch. All your weapons and equipment upgrades etc. in guild wars are purchased with real cash. Cold hard american cash.

You're all crazy. Evercrack 2... er.. I mean Everquest 2 is the way to go.

I'm not much of a gamer, but I am all about roleplaying in chats, namely and the Yahoo chats.  Oh, yes, I am the epitome of geek...  and I love it.  ^___^

Online games...well, the only game I really enjoy, due mostly to its military accuracy, is IGI-2.  It was designed under the guidance of Chris Ryan, an ex Special Air Service operative and sole escapee of the ill fated Bravo two Zero mission in Iraq, escape capture, he walked two hundred miles night by night without food or water, spurred on only by visions of his daughter who he claims kept him going and guided him in spirit til he reached Syria...I expect the SAS training helped a bit too.  Meanwhile, the rest of his patrol (seven other SAS operatives) held off an Iraqi batallion and made over two hundred enemy kills until they ran out of ammo and were finally captured and tortured half to death.  You can read the book by Andy McNabb or rent the movie (starring Sean Bean of Boromir fame in LOTR)  from Limelight Video on Alma & 10th.

My favourite scene in the film is just after the operatives destroy a tank and accompanying infantry detachment using an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and assault rifles.  As they approach, one of the operatives looks down at a dead soldier, reagrding his lack of training and the appaling condition of his equipment.  'Fucking outrageous', he says, before moving on through the desert.  See it.

IGI-2 is a superb covert operative game with lots of strategy involved.  Very realistic, superb graphics...takes you through Russia, Libya and China.  The focus of the game is on stealth and avoiding conflict; using zen brains rather than brawn to achieve objectives.  Some neat features include thermal goggles, electronic binoculars and a variety of interesting weapons such as the MP5-A3, a couple of sniper rifle options (the infra red telescopic sights are awesome in the game) and so on.  The online play is a bit laggy and held back by timed missions.  Nevertheless, it's a very realistic game...the best I've seen yet. 


I think I could rival you there, Sneaky. hehe

I've played or beta'd almost all of the popular MMOs, and yes, I AM female. Hoorah for the female gamers. ;)

I've played EQ (oh, to mourn the passing of almost four lost years of my's really pathetic, in retrospect), Star Wars Galaxies, Diablo 2, Neverwinter Nights and am still hopping online for a bit of occasional RvR in Dark Age of Camelot. I've beta tested a couple of the EQ expansions, Horizons, SWG, Lineage2, Asheron's Call, Planetside, Shadowbane and a few others...

The only thing I'm looking forward to right now is Worlds of Warcraft. :P

Neverwinter Nights. Oh yeah... The peak of nerdiness! Online Dungeons and Dragons! Woosh... But yeah, I'm an ex-EverQuest addict, ex-Ultima Online addict, ex-Dark Age of Camelot addict... You name it I've done it. Oh, and Diablo 2 as well ;)

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