The New JFK a New Sex Scandle

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From the Sun Newspaper [url],,2-2004071781,00.html[/url]

With the new reports coming in that the Kerry camp has a sex scandle going on, what do you think will happen? Will Dean win? Will this blow over for Kerry as it did for Clinton?

I think you are completely right about this. I just find it absurd. But of course America is the country where you can watch people getting shot and blown up and eaten by animals on prime-time T.V. but people freak and start screaming, "What about the children!" after a boob flash during a football game.  ??)

Hey don't look at me for the rational of it, I am just stating why the president getting a hummer in the oval office from someone who is not is wife makes Americans pissed off. They expect politicians to lie and cheat them but not their wives....

Yes, I can see the point and if people were calling for politicians heads for the far grander lies, or if there were no greater scandals to be up in arms about, I'd go with that. But by that logic what right does someone who went AWOL and shirked his duties as a soldier have to send other men to war (regarless of the whether this particular war is just)? And on the flip side consider the "original" JFK - highly competent, and outstanding president... and an outrageous philanderer. Or, here in Canada, Trudeau - an excellent prime-minister with a soap-opera love-life. There are no shortage or eminently capable men doing jobs no less complex than the presidency that have horribly messed up love-lives and there are plenty of fidelitous nit-wits that are barely competent to pump gas. I don't think it is relevant.

What made the Clinton scandal notworthy was his lying about it under oath, not the act itself.

Given that I supported the War in Iraq and isn't relevant to this particular thread. I think that the reason people care so much about infidelity is because people want someone with whom they can trust. A man who cheats on his wife which is considered to be a "holy union" by the religious and one of the basic fundamental oaths for the secular, a man, especially one on his second marriage, who can't even be faithful to his wife, how can he be trusted to run a country.

Judging from the article it really doesn't seem like much more than election mud-slinging. But you never know how these things are going to turn out. It never ceaces to amaze me how American voters can get so worked up over about basically harmless affairs and yet seem to be accept being lied to about wars that result thousands of deaths.

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