Japan is taking over my brain!

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I have a growing fascination with Tokyo Street Style and the fashion wave coming out of Japan that is slowly seeping into Western society.  I was wondering if there were any stores that anyone on here knows of in the Vancouver area that would cater to my obsession?  I am slowly getting rid of all the old, unwanted, etc items in my wardrobe, and need them replaced.  Any help would be appreciated.

^^^yea thats what i was gonna say  , since i was given the "FRUITS" book when i was 12 i have loved japanese street fashion and all the sites i have ran into selling stuff are usually waaaaay too pricey for my meagre budget so i just cut up and mix around and make stuff inspired by what i see

The cool thing about Japanese street fashion



as they are called

is that they homemake all their outfits!

You can easily tear apart things and combine them with other things with minimal sewing.

It's all about finding the most bizarre things in thrift stores or material shops and them putting them together to make something extraordinary.


LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY for EGL (elegant Gothic Lolita):


E bay is a great place to find EGL and Fruity things for outfits!

Hope that helps!

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