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So I have heard through the grapevine that Hypatia is under new ownership, I've also been told that the new owner isn't as responsible as the old owners with fulfilling orders and such, so I would just like to know if there's any truth or corroborated evidence behind what I've heard before I place my order.

DO NOT SHOP AT HYPATIA!  Unfortunately, the current state of affairs at Hypatia is far less than satisfactory.  The change in ownership has lead to a disturbing lack of reliability.  I recently ordered my third pair of shoes from them.  Having always been pleased with the service (James was fantastic) and attention to detail I wanted to give them my business.  I ordered and paid for the shoes well in advance of the date they were needed and proceeded to wait the delivery time.  After 3 weeks I called the store and was rudely told that I'd have to email them, as they couldn't look it up in store (?!?).  That should have been my first clue.  I emailed the owner and was told that there was no record of my order!  Then after a week of back-and-forth emailing my shoes were finally this point the event for which they had been intended had already come and gone.  After another month I received yet another email telling me to call the store because maybe my shoes were in.  The lack of apology for the delay, coupled with the lack of any offer of compensation for it have forced me to refuse to ever shop at Hypatia again.  I received a call from the new owner and was told that I am not the only customer whose order has been lost.  These people have no idea what they are doing and I won't trust any more of my money to them. 

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