Hotels near Club 23

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Ok ... so I'm coming to Vancouver with a gf for Sin City on December 9th. We want to get a hotel that's in relatively close proximity to Club 23 where that specific Sin City is being held, preferably with a jacuzzi in suite - does anyone know of any that they could tell me the name of so that I could do a search? That would be awesome! Thank you!

If you want a quality hotel there are some very nice ones downtown but not in the immediate vicinity of Club 23. Club 23 is sort of on the edge of the nastier part of downtown Vancouver.

I did a quick look for Vancouver hotels. This might be a place to start looking for what you want:,...

It is very easy to walk around Vancouver at night, but if that intimidates you, it won't take long for a cab to take you from the club to anywhere else.

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