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would love to connect with other goths who are sewers/crafter s

as might be nice for us to get togethr and do sewing

(I am a novice sewer who wants to make things to wear to convergence (and goth lolita outings)and also to wear to the goth clubs in general )

*and get more done when I am in the company of other working on projects..also more fun !!!!

(not to mention would be nice to meet like-minded folks)

if this sounds like you would love to hear from you

great job on that, i especially enjoy the wings, i have been designing 2 full sets of  Incubus (male succubus) and arc angel so the leather wings are an interesting variation instead of the plexi-glass i was going to do for the demon

I wanted to but i have had a long streak of bad luck lately and part of it was being jobless and crippled for a few months so my cash for that an Wave-Gotik-Treffen  is gone :(

kind of a hands on gal  (grrrrr  shame you do not live out my way...thanx for the offer of cyber help )

wondering ,are you going to convergence?

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