Visiting Vancouver, 9/2/13

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I'm coming up from Seattle and spending the night in Vancouver, Monday, 9/2, and am looking for a show or club.
I checked out the Clubbing Forum, but many of the threads/responses are pretty old. And, when visiting the websites for the venues listed there, there doesn't seem to be any shows.
Can anyone point me to someplace to go? I realize there may not be much, given it's a Monday.


Sorry, but there really isn't anything going on that Monday. The next club night coming up isn't until the following Friday (House of Secrets at BLVD22). There are also a couple of interesting things the preceding Sunday (Noir fetish night at Chapel Arts and Kitty Night's punk burlesque at the Biltmore), also of no use to you.

Any *club* even open on a Monday night will be mainstream hell. Your best two options, depending on your particular taste would be The Morrissey Pub ( They don't have anything specific going on there that Monday but they generally tend toward 90's post-punk and Britpop.
If you prefer the heavier, rougher side of things there is Funky Winkerbeans and Metal Monday Karaoke (

Surely, either of those will be fine for an evening out. I make my own fun, so...
I just wanted some recommendations so I'd avoid the trial and error of walking into sports-bars or country/western places, with that awkward moment at the door when I realize I already hate a place.
I'm staying at the Le Soleil, downtown, so I'll wander Gas Town a while, and hit your suggested places.
I love your town, but it's been over 10 years since my last visit.


Funky Winkerbean's was closed for a private engagement, so after some aimless wandering I found my way to The Morrissey. Cool little place, but since it was the end of the long weekend it was really quiet.
I'll have to pop up again on a weekend night.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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