Moving from Ontario to BC

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I am looking to meet some awesome new like-minded people in BC after moving from just outside Toronto, ON. Just some people who would enjoy going to concerts, bars, hook me up with some fabulous clothing stores and are really down to earth and chill. I am a goth at heart although my outside appearance doesn't always reflect that, but I am a big gaming/anime/cartoon nerd and 420 friendly!

Even to get a chance to chat with some people, get some insider information about Vancouver area (about an hour east from my understanding) would be solid!



Sort of ironically, the best

Sort of ironically, the best way IMHO to meet people to go hang out with is to go out. Clubs can be hard because of the noise factor, but a good "trick" is to go out where the smokers are (whether you are a smoker or not) since people are more inclined to chat when they can hear eachother. The events that happen outside the clubs are also good for this, the "Gothnics" in Stanley Park that happen in the summer, for example (next one is in June), are a great place to meet new people. There are a couple of cons that happen in the summer as well and the Zombie Walk in August. 

Something a little sooner, not a Goth event, but somewhere where you're likely to meet some like-minded people based on your description is the annual 420 smoke-in in front of the old provincial court house (now the Vancouver Art Gallery, a.k.a. "the VAG" [rhymes with "bag"]). 

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