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My name is Mandy.

I just moved to the Vancouver area from Alberta to go to school with the possibility of becoming a new permanent resident if all goes well. My hometown was maybe about 1/4 the size of Vancouver, if not smaller, so I'm a tiny bit overwhelmed and I'm hoping making a few friends will help me adjust better. That...and all my friends are back home and I'm lonely. lol

I'd known about Gothic BC for a couple months now, having been looking for possible places to go and things to do when I got here so that I could start to make friends outside of the friends I make at school.

As far as my identity as a Goth goes, while I began my "Baby Bat"/"Kinder-Goth"/whatever-you-want-to-call-it" years about 6-7 years ago. My community is a small, transient community so there wasn't really anywhere to go and meet people so that I could learn new things first hand, rather than just doing a bunch of research over the internet. I feel like it's more rewarding to learn from having a conversation with someone than to just read it online. So I still to some extent that I would consider myself a "baby bat", maybe more on the cusp of shedding that title, because I feel like there are gaps, but in the same breath I've already began to develop a cleaner aesthetic better tailored to fit who I am as a person.

Part of coming from a community where people were constantly coming and going just for the sake of making money, any forms of any kind of sub-culture that were in the community were very weak, and it was really hard to find other people who were involved in the Gothic community, so I've never really even had the opportunity to really interact with other Goths before, so I'm really hoping to make some new friends, and for anyone I do meet, I hope that explains some of my social quirks.

I am really hoping to make some new friends, fill some of those gaps, and really start to feel at home here in Vancouver.

Hey Mandy
Coming from the "fetish/kink" side of things I'd like to just say hi and welcome. I think you'll find that there are a lot of really amazing people here and a pretty solid community. Keep your eyes open and might I recommend checking out some of the alt lifestyle shops around town. Most of the people working are pretty in touch with whats going on in the city.
From the kinky side, if you haven't been, I'd deff recommend coming out to one of the Sincity fetish night events. They are loads of fun and you couldn't find a more down to earth group of people.

hope you have a great time exploring what this awesome city has to offer!!


Hi! :)
What are you in school for?

There are a fair amount of events and things to do in Vancouver, but not all of them get posted here. (Tonight there's a showing of Poltergeist in Stanley Park that a bunch of people in the goth scene are attending, and there have been a few picnics and tea parties as well.)

Tomorrow is our monthly goth night, so hopefully you can make it out. We're pretty friendly. A lot of us have moved here from other cities too.

I'm taking the Makeup for Film and Television program at VFS, really excited about it.

That's really cool. I'm not far from Stanley Park. Maybe if I get the chance I'll come out and check it out. What time does it start? And when/where is goth night held?

That sounds really awesome. There's a lot of need for film makeup in Vancouver, so hopefully work will be forthcoming when you finish.

I believe the movie starts at 7, and is at Second Beach (there should be maps somewhere on the internet).

The goth night is at the Media Club at 695 Cambie street (that's right downtown). It starts at 8pm. There are quite a few busses that run around it, and it's also pretty close to a skytrain.

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