Beep Boop

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Hiya. My name's Eden, I'm from Kelowna, Bc. I've lived here for just over a year now, coming from Edmonton, AB.
Music-wise I enjoy German Heavy Metal, industrial dance, opera and classical in general. Basically anything that isn't pop, pop-punk, country or hip hop/rap.
I enjoy sewing, diy, writing, playing piano, singing, reading, my house plants, interior design, chess, costume design and accessorizing. I hold a special place in my heart for sims 3 and Russian Lit.<3 As a note, I collect foreign coins and stuffed animals. (I have coins from 30 countries and i have 33 stuffed animals)... I swear I'm not crazy, I just have a soft spot for cute things.
I'm always looking for new friends and new adventures, as I love exploring and appreciating the world around me.

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