Does anyone have pets?

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I am the mommy to 4 beautiful kitty kats.

Kitty Kat is 6 years old, has black fur, white socks and a tiny kinky tail.

Isabella is 5 years old, and is a tabby cat.

Sam is 4 years old, has black fur and a tiny kinky tail.

Froggy is 4 years old and has black fur.

Kitty is the mommy of Sam and Froggy. Bella was adopted 2 years ago.

I have three cats.

Gordon is 4 years old,

And I also have his nephews, Marshall who is almost 2, and Andre is just over a year old.

Gordon and Andre are both white with orange ears, tails, and other highlights.

Marshall is black.

I have a kitty kat, Lizzy, who is insane and incredibly noisy most of the time, as well as two baby boa constrictors.  They're only little now, but they'll be HUGE soon enough.

We have a lot of family pets, a pond-full of gargantuan goldfish and koi, the resident squirrels and finches that seep out of the backyard forests and onto our back lawns, a couple of Siamese Fighting Fish, a grey tabby named Thomas, and a strange and loveably ugly shih-tzu/spaniel named Alex.

As for my pets, I have one of the most spoilt little dogs that I've met. His name is Nero and he is a seal-coloured Italian Greyhound. I got him during the summer last year and he's still a little baby, but being just a bit larger then your average chihuahua makes him a big change from my ex-dobermann pinscher. My granny knits him coats and he sleeps on my bed underneath a heated blanket...

Yeah I kind of love him. : P

Thanks for the well wishes andykins. I'm certain that I'll be able to own a pet again in the near future. Interesting how you mention Bella was abused. It reminds me of my sister's dog, Maggie. She was abused before she was rescued by my sister and brother in law. Also, my aunt and uncle have now rescued two greyhounds, Blue and Missy. These are the types of people who should be pet owners, I'll never be able to understand why on earth people would want to hurt their pets. Maggie is such a sweetheart and I would never even dream of harming her for any reason.

I have no pets living with me, they all had to stay with my parents, but my fiance and I are hoping to get a kitten soon.  Yay!

In my apartment building there is a sign in the front door that says no pets, however almost all of the tenants have pets. Kitty kat was a stray kitty, she just walked in through the patio door one day. No one claimed her so we kept her and then a month later she had 2 beautiful baby boys, they were so little that they fit in the palm of my hand but now they are big cuddly boys .

Bella is a wonderful little girl who was given to us because her previous owner really hurt her. At first she didn't want anyone to come near her. She now lets me kiss and pet her, but she does not like to be picked up and held. She and kitty kat do not get along at all.

When my parents and I lived in the United States we had a doggie name Moo Shu, he was given to us. He was a older doggie who had eye problems that made him very irritable (one time my bare toe touched his soup bone that was on the floor and he snapped at my foot with his teeth, so glad that I have fast feet), but he would let me comfort him by holding him and kissing his head.

Anna sounds like a very cute name for a doggie, Puck.

Maybe someday you will have a place that allows pets esquire, I hope so.

Im sorry about your pig, the _count.

I had pets when I lived at home. My cat is living with my mom in Sechelt. I wasn't able to take him with me since I live in a place that doesn't allow pets. That and my roommate is allergic. D'oh!

Aww! I love cats. Alack, I only have one very, very spoilt doggy. Her name is Anna, I make her food, and she came here with me from Sydney.

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