different subcultures..

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I don't even know the basic ones. Frankly, I didn't understand the description of this section. Punkabilly? Neowhat? I guesss I think of myself as goth..I wear a lot of black, black eyeliner and shadow, red lipstick..i have big buckle boots and short skirts, and long velvet skirts, and corset type shirts..

Basically, I see 3 groups. This is how I see them, and what I call them:

Punk: lots of plaid pants, and spiky armbands, bondage straps, short hair

Goth: lots of black, black smudgy eyeliner, skirts, pale skin, feminine

Industrial: leather jackets, pilot goggles, computer paraphernalia as hair accessories

Then there are the variations, and combinations. I don't know what all the specifications are, because I don't really look at people and label them. I see people, and I think to myself either "woah, cool!", or "eww"

LOL, that's my 2 cents!

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