Damn hair dye!

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I dyed my hair black and then tried to use some of the steaks/chunking kits in the drug store that are *Suppose* to be made for black hair.

Surprise  ::) surprise it didn't turn out :(

Any suggestions?

Any good cheap places to get it done?

yeah, those highlighting kits (colourlights- or whatever its called- the loreal stuff, im assuming is what you are referring to) wont strip out black dye pigments, you have to do that yourself first, and BELIEVE me, it is even a task with 40 vol. bleach sometimes.

removing black dye is a bitch. which is why (even though it look gorgeous) have stopped doing it. try using blondissima or similar bleaching kits on areas which you wish to hightlight first, than good old punky colour. if all else fails go to a good hairdresser. (or AXIS at john casablancas, it's cheap cuz students do it- THEY'RE WELL SUPERVISED- i promise)  :) hope thats of some help... ?

I tried the same thing with my hair, dyed black, and streaked my bf's hair at the same time (natural blck), and while his turned out perfectly, mine barely made a difference. It seems that it only works on *natural* black hair.......

[s]I'd suggest bleach, peroxide, but try it on a really small part of your hair that isn't obvious, incase it falls out.[/s]

I've been told to keep my mouth shut about things I have no idea about ie. hair care. The all knowing hair guru ::) says that a salon job is your best bet. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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