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Alright, I'm looking for a boot that will look good with (very) short skirts and has a flat heel (or something very comfortable to walk in as such). Most definitely black, and preferably interesting to look at. I was thinking about Doc Martin's but I tend to lean towards something with more.... pizzazz. I've been looking into New Rocks because they fit my description best, but they are just SO expensive! I'm also having a lot of trouble finding something comfortable in my size because women's boots tend to be platforms or heels of some sort, while men's don't come in my size (seven in women's). Do any of you have any solutions on where I could find what I'm looking for, whether I could get something custom made, or if I should just save up my cash and get some of those New Rocks?  D: THANKYOU!

There's Scalie shoes as well, at Kingsgate Mall (Kingsway & Broadway).  I haven't been there in a while, but they always seem to have a large selection of sizes, and rather Goth-friendly designs.  Their prices aren't too bad either.

Personally I like heels, but I have a hell of a time with them.  I guess I have a weird shaped foot, because unless the shoes are custom made for me, even the correct size for me slips around like crazy (high instep I think).  Flat shoes hurt, and really high shoes hurt, but 2" heels seem to do the trick for me.  However finding anything pointy  with a 2" heel these days is almost impossible.


Umm, check out Hypatia. If she has a size 7 foot, New World usualy has things kicking about that they haven't been able to sell, there is a pair of gorgeous black and white shoes that have been there for about 2 years and are now $35. Also Scalies, which is in Kings Gate Mall is rather cheap. She is more likley to find a pair of boots if she adds about $20 to her budget, if that is at all possible.

Ooh! I'm not so much for the cyber look but if I can somehow make it look 'industrial' it's worth checking into, hehe, and while I've got you here; I've got a friend with a price range [Up to $100] and she's quite interested in buying some interesting boots but I haven't got any suggestions. I realise that her limit is rather meager but eh, care to prove me wrong?

:) Glad to be of help. Oh! If you do the Cyber look, Camuflage have the perfect boots, they have metal plates on the front and come in metalic colours!

I'd suggest Aldo, I got a nice pair of knee highs, or what would be knee highs if I were shorter, with a 1 inch wedge style heel. Check out Camuflage if you so happen to be in Downtown Van, they have some-err-interesting boots there.

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