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Ok, I am still trying to get more into the gothic fashion... but I am trying to figure out what I can buy and wear.  I don't want to be to shmancy more of a clean look.  Anyone have an suggestions?  :-/

Like what kind stuff should I wear to look very gothic.


Cool thanks!  Yeah I went to a store today and got  very nice long black sleeve shirt.  $4 :D  It was great, 50% gotta love it.

I am going to the London store sometime this coming week to maybe pick up my Demonica boots, because my GF thinks they are extremely hot :D  LOL!

I also found the sunglasses I have been searching for for years.  They are $200 but well worth it.  Anyway thanks for all the information.

Accessories, then would be the key. As a "corp-goth" going way out in any direction doesn't really work. I'll dress a little more flamboyantly for a club, but day-to-day is more understated. Black pants, dark shirts (black, coal-grey, burgandy and navy blue) and dark ties are the usual order of the day. This is "gothified" by one or two silver rings, a silver tie-clip, pointy (but not too pointy) shoes, and short spiky hair and slightly unusual glasses. Well known contemporary goth comedic crooner Voltaire has a great understated look that is classic, but unquestionably goth that's very similar to my everyday work attire.

Off work I'm still partial to simplicity and lean toward clothes that have a gothy touch or two, without being overboard - like some clever stitching, maybe a velvet or PVC highlights. I'll wear more gothy footwear out of the office, like my buckle boots or my old Fleuvog Swordfish boots.

Here's a couple pictures of Valerian and I from the photogallery to illustrate what I mean:

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