Army Surplus and Legwarmers

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Do any of you know of any army surplus stores near Mission? I'm looking for a gasmask and some aviator goggles. Sorry if this topic has already been mentioned, but I didn't see it anywhere. : ) I'm also looking for some legwarmers, and I was wondering if any of you had seen any in any stores around Vancouver carrying them. Thanks!

Thank-you, O Wise One! :D Yeah, legwarmers haven't quite reached 'current trend' status, but Japan has been wearing them religiously for enough years that I suppose it's safe for them to show up in stores.


Dear God I never thought I'd see those come back, but I guess everything does eventually, LOL!  I know there's not a lot out your way, but the nearest mall is a good place to start - shops like Smart Set, Mariposa, Le Chateau and possibly accessory stores like Claire's or Ardene.    Aldo Shoes has a chain of accessory stores now, so you might try them as well.  In the past I've noticed these shops carrying cool  accessories first, more so than the big stores.  When fence-net fishnets came in, those guys had them first.  My thinking is that legwarmers will go the same way.  Claire's actually has a "goth" section this fall, kinda makes me laugh but some of the stuff is really neat!  It's possible they might have something.

Can't help you on the Army Surplus front though.  Best to grab Ye Olde "Yellow Pages".

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