Affordable approaches to dungeon equipment

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My partner found some interesting websites on the uses of duct tape in fashion creations.  It sounded odd to me at first, but when I saw what some people on a website were doing with it, I was impressed.  Seems like you can pretty much make anything with it.  Over the years, I've made some excellent implements using pieces of leather, wood, pvc tape, duct tape, nylon cord, belts and so on.  If you're a practical person, you can get some very fine and professional looking results.  For example, you can pick up belts real cheap at thrift shops and so on.  I made a complete set of wrist, thigh and collar restraints out of old belts and pvc tape, which you can buy for 69 cents.  I think the whole thing cost me about ten bucks to make.  So, I offer this for people on a budget...and you and your partner and friends can have great fun putting it all together.


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