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Thought it would be cool to start a thread to chat about various products we buy and use, and to share the joys/warnings about them here.  Could be some fabulous hairdye you discovered, the latest weird energy drink that made you gag, a cleaning product that didn't work as well as they'd advertised, or maybe even an exciting new liqueur you've tried.  Whatever it is, give us the scoop here!

(and speaking of booze, has anyone tried that black vodka yet?)

Hmm, I had brilliant luck with a semi permanent called Fudge Paint Box. They have some wicked colours. I found that I didn't have to pre-bleach when I had my natural colour(not-too-dark-but-not-too-light-brown). It dosn't stink, dosn't sting and lasted about a week and a bit on my natural hair(during this week I was frequenting a highly chlorinated pool). It lasts longer on 'processed' hair, and dark colours will need pre-bleaching.

Oh! And I have to rant about the most wikkid styling product, I'll update with the full name once I've had a dig around in my bathroon cabinet and found it. It's by Got2B. It's like style in, wash out colour. My tube of this lovely goop is red, it's perfect for spiking or putting like accent streaks and it actually does visably colour your hair!

Can't speak for the vodka, personally, but I have a woe in regards to the new L'oreal Color Pulse dyes.

It's essentially a short-lived colour mousse, but I will say that the only thing it dyed was my fingernails, which now bear a rather sickly hit-with-hammer purple shade. I've heard people proclaiming everlasting love for colour mousse, but I think I'll stick with permanents, thank you.

The colour was the Electric Black over natural brown hair. For someone who let her hair grow out and "heal," I'm certainly disillusioned with the "new methods" of dye! Anyone else have better luck with short-lived dye?

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