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I was getting bored  with my natural brown hair (I had it that way to help me find a job), so the night before last I finally went and bought the supplies and dyed my hair bright green and black.  I pulled my hair into a half-ponytail, bleached the bottom part (twice) before using Punky Colors "Green Apple"  I then dyed the top part Indigo Black (Loreal, I think), so that when my hair is down the black almost completely hides the green (so my boss didn't kill me).  I think it's really pretty, and it turned out very well.  Unfortunately, since I don't currently own a blow-dryer, it took FOREVER because I had to wait for my hair to air-dry before proceeding with each new step.  Five and a half hours, but well worth it.

Nice work Trixy! I bearly had the patience to bleach my fringe from it's previous black. Right now I'm struggeling with the exact hue of purple I want. My ever faithful Fudge has failed me! It's been turning out blue since I re-bleached my fringe to get rid of the re-growth.

i was a hairdresser for the last 2 years and have been dying my own hair for over  7 . i think ive been pretty much every color and tried almost all types of semi-permenant colors. Punky colors i find is the best if taken care of properly. ( which i usually dont lol ) and its cheap too :)

ive pretty much settled on my vermillion red, and when the mood arises i add some blond roots to make it look like fire :) and a black chunk here or there.

if you want your color to stay longer wash your hair in cold water. or as cool as you can handle, the hot water opens your hair cuticles and thats how the color fades from your hair. oh! and if you do a black on top and bright color underneath, and you dont want the black to run into the light, coat the lighter hair with conditioner. it acts like a barrier :) oh and cold water helps that too :)  if you guys have any questions about hair stuff feel free to ask away , if i know it i'll try to help!

Don't feel like a failure cause you are going blonde or light colours... blondes can pull it off well.  Well i think so (i am a blonde).  I want to dye it red or purple but unfortunatly my boss won't allow it *sigh* but its all good... perhaps i should try the black on top with colour underneath... that way it could hide it *giggles*

But if was going to dye it i would have to go to a salon.  I am not exactly in the know how about how to dye their hair, at least without making it fall out *pmsl*

I have the same proble, only with purple and red, I've decided to be purple for a week or two, then wash it out and put red in.

is that the hair you had for meetup? cause it was really nice! hair is getting so long..i like it short..and i cant imagine ever going back to what i am naturally..LIGHT CALIFORNIA way..

You looked awesome!  Great idea, just doing the underpart.  It's not a totally in-your-face effect, but has an eye-catching quality nonetheless.  As for me ever bleaching my hair agin, not going to happen.  It just can't take it - too many years of abuse have made it too fragile.


I'd love to do a bit of red in mine though.

That sounds really wikkid! Green is such a cool colour!

...Me thinks I need to convince my darling to do my hair, salon-esq hair for the price of product. Yey!

Awesome!  And probably WAY cheaper than a salon....

How long does the Punky colour last these days?  i last used it about 10 years ago and all i remember is that it washed out in less than a month. Which made me very sad, until I discovered Aveda.  (permanent blue! and purple! and red!  whee!)

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