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I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good online places for like Metal shirts and stuff. im looking ofr a few particular ones but mostly just some places that has a ton of stuff.

ive shopped at this place a bunch>>

mostly cus they're canadian and they charge almost nothing for shipping. like i know of other places on hte internet like hot topic and the regular places but the shippis too much now that im in canada.... ugh~!

is there maybe just some place i dont know about or is the rockworld place like the best place ever... so far its winning....


Locally try the Rock Shop (1076 Granville, Vancouver).  Online try Rock World East (Canada), and Stylin' Online and ShirtHunt (both in USA but ship to Canada). If those don't quite do it for you, try a Google search.
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Stylin' Online is located in the USA but I've ordered from them before with good results.  The selection is decent (at least for major bands/movies/etc.), prices are excellent, and shipping is pretty cheap.  If I recall I didn't get nailed any customs/duty either (although I've only ever bought two shirts at a time so the value for customs wasn't terribly high), but that's the luck of the draw with ordering outside the country.  Sometimes you pay customs fees, sometimes you don't.

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