Fire at Cabbages & Kinx

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I guess pot & PVC are more flammable than we thought.

According to this morning's news article, Blunt Bros. Marijuana Café and Cabbages & Kinx Clothing were victims of a very nasty fire.

[i]"A three-alarm blaze in historic Gastown Sunday morning destroyed several businesses and blanketed downtown Vancouver in cloak of smoke.  The fire happened at a three storey heritage building which houses a fetish clothing store and a marijuana cafe on the main floor. ... According to firefighters, the fire started in a dumpster in the alley behind the building.  At the height of the fire, 11 firetrucks and about 50 firefighters were involved."[/i]

More on the story here.  I am really going to miss Cabbages & Kinx, holy sh*t!!

i heard about it on the news last night and it fucking shocked me if i hadn't blown out my knee friday i would he\ave probably been down there walking around as i do, it sucks so much the owner was really nice it fucking so\ucks and along with the two stores that were destroyed these 2 artists had ther studio destroyed and all there work was gone it sucked  :'(

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