Finger armor?

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Hey everybody,

I've decided that I'm in the market for some finger armor. There's tons of stuff on e-bay, but I don't know my ring size and would hate to get something that doesn't fit.

But alas, I have no idea where to shop for such a thing in this city. Sure Spencer's has some cheap plastic stuff, but I don't want cheap plastic stuff. Edmonton has a great curio shop called sanctuary that sells all sorts of gothy knick-knacks. But I'm not in Edmonton, am I?

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

ohh, i'd love some too but i have weeny weeny fingers.  my thumb rings barely fit on my bf's pinky.  argh. why is that all the cool rings etc seem to be designed for guys with sausages attached to their hands??

  Wish I could help, two years ago I bought some great silver finger armour from Cabbages & Kinx before it burnt down, and I must say the quality and fitment and just everything is a million times better than that Spencers Gift junk.

They have some there, I think they have some more in other sections but I own a few pieces that they are selling so I presume New Moon dealt with the same or similar company as Cabbages did.

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