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Greetings and salutations. I come before you in hopes of driving each and every one of you to revitalise the art of chainmaille. You can help by ordering your very own custom-designed chainmaille. I make armour and jewellery, but specialize in lingerie / club-wear and the all-enjoyable fetish-wear. I can work with over 25 qualities of metal (including coloured copper, aluminum, and titanium), but have the most fun when I add beads, bells and leather.

I am at the initial stages of a self-propelled business, so I'm not too organized and I don't have a webpage up yet. I hope to spend the summer crafting on orchards in the Okanagan, but could seriously enjoy beginning a legitimate store-front.

If you get curious or bold, send me an email.




I'm actually quite keen to see what your website will be like.  Be sure to post when you've got something up and running, and I can add it to the BC shopping directory.

I'm a small business too, all hand-crafted work, and I work from home.  Word of mouth is VERY important.  If we can help some local talent get ahead, so be it!!


Please leave the moderation to the moderator.

I don't have any problem with people pitching appropriate merchandise on this board. As a matter of fact I encourage it. If this were something like a tacky ad for viagra or Rolex knock-offs, that'd be one thing. But this is entirely appropriate to the board.

I'm going to move this thread over to the shopping and fashion section, though, since it is more appropriate there and also more likey to be seen.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Perhaps you are unaware that it is extremely difficult to survive as an artist if you do not have word of mouth. I hand craft all of my work to fit, and I'm damn good at what I do. My products most certainly enrich the lives of others. And because I have no overhead I provide a quality hand made product at a decent and fair price.

If a local forum cannot be used to advertise a persons crafts then please have my account removed from this website.



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