Celtic knotwork tattoos?

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Apologies in advance if a similar thread exists or if this question is covered elsewhere....

I'm planning a self-designed celtic knotwork tattoo (think Auryn from the NeverEnding Story meets Norse dragons).  I'm a tattoo virgin and I really want someone who is experienced in knotwork so that it looks great, and I'm willing to pay more for better work.  Any suggestions?  Someone I saw at SinCity told me where he got his done but I was distracted by a) sexy men b) snazzy costumes and c) the tightness of my corset, ergo I cannot recall where he said....  Any helpful recommendations would be highly appreciated.  Thanks!

Hoo boy.  I personally don't know who to receommend these days (Imy last tattoo was in 1996), but I can tell you from many friends who've been tattooed lately that the folks Sacret Heart Tattoo are quite good, as is The Dutchman in New West.  You know what I would do?  Call a couple of places (or better yet, drop in) and tell them what you're after.  It seems to me that in each tattoo parlour, each artist has their own particular specialty.  Some really love doing detailed animals or people, some really get off on doing knotwork and tribal designs, others are keen on anime and comic-book style art.  Not that they all can't do a range of designs, they certainly can - but many artists have their favorites.  Ask around, and I'm sure you'll find someone.  If you have a photo or something you can print out to bring with you, even better.  Tattoo parlours are loaded with catalogues of the different designs they can do, and all will offer customization on existing design samples to a certain degree.  But if you have a picture similar to what you're looking for (or you have an exact drawing of what you want), that will help a lot.  Tattooists realize this is a permanent thing, so they want you to make sure you like what you're getting.

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