Absinthe Spoons...?

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I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get my paws on one, save for having to buy a bottle of the stuff...? I've tried your standard BC liquor stores and was told places like Homesense and the like may have 'em, but surprisingly enough, no such luck there... but yes. Preferably in the Lower Mainland, but if I have to venture into Vancouver so be it...!

Any help'll be appreciated! Thank you!

I miss home but you can get really cool absinthe in Europe with 100mg thujone :o they sell neat absinthe spoons everywhere...I'll send you one if you like just PM me.

I had a whole bunch of absinthe but the best came from a guy who has a private supply of Century Absinthe...oh man is that stuff wicked and smooth as silk but with a really weird and dreamy effect.

It's so expensive like more than 100 American a bottle but one glass lasts an evening  :D and what an evening. I guess it's not allowed at home but if you look on google you mind find some.

I wonder if more specialty stores might have them (you know, those funky kitcheny stuff shops that also sell cocktail supplies). You might call Obsession, Chatchkas (or is it Chaklees, oh man I can't remember - was on Robson St. I think) or even Habitek.  I bought some for Atratus online via Ebay, pretty good deals too.  If all else fails you could try online - often the Absinthe manufacturers sell accessories such as glasses, spoons, etc. as well.

Although you might consider calling the liquor store at Cambie & 41st and/or the one downtown on Alberni St. Those two stores carry all the higher-end specialty booze and fancy gift packs, etc., and may also have spoons.

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