should i go back there

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when i was in my last year at high school. i went out with the head boy n fell inlove with him. the relantionship cot me lot tho i lost my friends. he messed me around a lot

and played with me head really messed everything up.

but i saw him last night and we talked and he wanted to try again he said he had changed but i dont no how to explain that he really messed me up or shopuld i give him another chance???????? ??)

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He's still messing with your head,  and is unlikely to stop because it has worked for him in the past.  He needs to grow up some more.

Run, don't walk, in the opposite direction. 

You could just be lonely? I know I have that problem with my ex right now. It's hard to not go back to them, but when you actually think about all the confusion and pain you went through.. holding their hand doesnt seem worth it. I'm trying really hard to stay away from the idea, but at the same time why dont you think about WHY it ended.. look at those reasons and then decide. Or about what you miss and what you dont. I always say if they can be replaced, than why not replace them? If it's the comforting and hand holding/kissing etc. you miss, than why don't you just find someone new, that won't screw with your head?

We've all had someone mess with our heads.

And from experience, I can honestly say that no matter what becomes of the two of you now, you can never go back to what you were then

Best of luck.

Yeah, for sure, avoid all guys who even try to play head games. Unless you feel comfortable and *right* where you are, then don't stay there, or ever go back.

When you say he messed you around, in what way did he do this? For example, did he say something like, "get rid of your friends or I won't go out with you."? Were you depressed at this stage of your life?

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