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i no this is for posting poems but i reall need some advice please help

im very confused at the moment

2 years ago my dad left home and my mum killed herself

so i was left to bring up my little sister

i started to suffer with depression big time

but i kept it goin my little sister is now three years old

and calles me mum i have explained to her what happened and i will tell her about her real mum

last week i got a letter from my dad saying he wanted to c us

im not sure weather i should go i dont want to get hurt again and i really dont want anymore comfusein in my little sisters life

what should i do????????

Just out of curiosity, who's name is the house in, your mother's, father's or joint? Did your mother leave a Will? I'm pretty sure there are a lot of legal things you could drag up to make your father's life...hard... if you're the vindictive sort that is...

yeah we  did but im 16 so ican live alone and look after a child there lots of teenage mums in england but the concil have said i may be getting a flat soon

How?  Did you call the help lines?  If you were in Canada he'd be in deep trouble for this - doesn't your country protect the young?

Sorry to hear that stuff. This is a link to the Childrens Act 1986

If your mum and dad were married he has to look after you, or appoint a new guardian. Like every one else has said, seek legal adivce. I don't know what the actual legal system there is like, but if you ring a law firm and ask if they do bro bono or legal aid you should be right.

Best of luck, hope things work out for you.

Ow.  That's a long ways from where we are.  There has to be some support agency there. 

You can try these links:

You should try to get some official help as soon as possible to deal with this.  I wish I knew more about British law and government, but really I don't even know anyone from there.  If you want sponsorship to Canada we can help though!  =)

Keep us posted pls.

Holy crap - what a bastard!

Oh you have to move out - BS - you have entitlement to his support.  Call those numbers if you're local...

You cannot have kids in this country and not provide for them.

If you need someone to talk to - pm me or email me - my wife and I can offer you someone to talk to at least. 

Where are you located in reality?  That'll make a difference as to what help is available.

wen i went he said that it was a mistake ever having me and my sister

and then kept saying harsh thing about my mum

then he said that we have to move out of our home cos he wants to move his new wife

n kids in

we have a week he says

oh crap good luck with this one - I can't even imagine how you're feeling.  I would suggest you don't bring your sister for the first meeting.  And definitely do it in a public place.  My thoughts are with you as are many I'm sure.

Perhaps some of these may be useful:

[color=red]Mediators help families discuss and resolve their differences in a supportive and confidential manner.

Justice Institute of BC

Parent/Teen Mediation Services

Centre for Conflict Resolution

Tel: 604-525-5422 Fax: 604-528-5518

715 McBride Boulevard

New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4


Parent/Teen Mediation Services

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Tel: 604-526-0755 Fax: 604-526-2975

101-403 Sixth Street

New Westminster, BC V3L 3B1

There are other possibilities here:

Try calling any of them, and they may be able to direct you to the people best equiped to help you with your situation.

That is an extremely tough one. Is there a crisis line in your area that you could talk to? Be aware that the father might be wanting to excercise his custodial rights to you and your sister. I'm not a lawyer and don't know enough to give concrete advice, but from what I understand (which could be wrong) I presume since you've been on your own for a while that you could be considered an "emancipated minor" (legally speaking that means that although you haven't reached the age of majority that you don't have a guardian and are operating as an adult and have rights similar to an adult). I think you need to talk to a lawyer. As an emancipated minor with custody of your sister you could look to your father for child-support without reliquishing your autonomy.

This could all be very messy legally and emotionally. Talk to the crisis line and find out about what professional resources are available to you on both counts.

You could try contacting other relatives that might have had contact with him recently.

That might help you get honest up to date info to ease your mind a bit , before you

actually see him or set up any type of meeting.

If you do set up a meeting do it in a restaurant or some thing.

   :-/ NW

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