The End

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Well, I went through hell and back, I did my best to make it all work out...  I tried to forgive and forget, to move on...  but in the end it was not up to me.

At the end of September my fiance left me and I have subsequently moved in with my parents (who are actually in  the middle of getting divorced).  It sucks in a lot of ways, and there are still moments where I am sad or I miss him, but I am doing a lot better and am moving on...  I think.

I just wanted to post and say thanks to all the people who were so helpful and supportive in trying to help me through some of the rough stuff.  I did all I could, but sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you're trying if the other person isn't.

Life, as it has been said, can suck.

My relationship of five years (3 yrs married) ended in July, and I am just beginning to feel reasonably normal again.  Long story short, the reasons for it ending were manifold, but in the end, it came down to her wanting to take a very different life path, and the marriage was "in her way".

The best remedies for heartbreak are:

1. Time.

2. Time and effort spent reclaiming what impassions you, or serves you in a tangible way.

3. Effort directed at redefining what you want out of life.

That being said, a good solid "revenge fuck" can be quite helpful as well.

>>sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you're trying if the other person isn't.

Too true.  To be able to understand that sometimes one is buffeted by forces beyond one's control is an important thing to understand and accept.

I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going through this sort of thing, I have no idea how I could handle myself in this kind of a situation. But your post was about two months ago - I hope you are doing better now.

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