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more or less im just looking for what people think of the situation and whether  need to be slapped in the face or somthing........

Met a girl who respectfully told me not to hit on her.....those were pretty much her words..... met her through friends etc

ended up living with her

I had absolutly everything in common with her. She had a bf that didnt like her being goth, but it wasnt a very serious relationship eventually they broke up . When ever we would go in public she would hang off me an use me as way to get rid off guys she wasnt interested in "See the big scarry metalhead over there" etc everyone thought we were dating. She would actually chase away girls from me and flirt, when i asked her out because i had a huge crush on her she told me that she wanted a guy exactly like me, just not me.....

the details were unbelieveble in this, she admited later she used me as dating criteria. eventually we went our seprate ways because i really really liked her and she said she didnt but clung to me every chance she got i just couldnt handle it. had her out of my head for a year or soand recently she came to the town i live in for her birthday had fun she hung off me again and flirted heavily. and now im depressed and have a huge crush on her again.

Its actually alot more complicated but you get the jist

i dont know maybee i just need to grow up or something

I imagine this thread is dead, but in the event that you are still in this situation, allow me to be the voice of reason.  Look at what she has told you, and make no assumptions.  She said she was not interrested, if she did not mean it then she is the one who screwed up, but you should find someone more healthy. 

    I am not saying this is the case, because I do not have all the facts, but it sounds like she enjoys your desire to have her...but enjoys denying you her affections.  Unless you have some sort of fetish for that sort of thing, you are only hurting yourself.  I fully recomment that first on your list of girls you are attracted to, is that they are attracted back.  Why waste energy on some girl who does not regard you highly enough?

    In short, I don't know shit about you or her, but going from what she said....the longer you notice her existence, the worse yours will be.

Seems like she's playing with you.

She is, so to say, in control over you. Change that!

You need to 'grab' her and tell her what you feel. This might in the worst case end your friendship with her, but also your suffering.

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