123 Pictures from Sin City

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One hundred twenty-three pictures from Sin City last week are now up (20 behind the filter).

I'm sorry that it took so long, but we're on a whole new webserver now which took a while to set up so I had a bit more on my plate than usual this week. The new server has a connection ten times faster than the old server and ten times the bandwidth allocation. While I was at it I made a some small changes to some back-end things to try and improve the performance of the photo gallery. The most noticeable will be that, starting with this batch of photos, all newly added photos will be progressive JPEGs instead of baseline JPEGs (meaning that they will load blurry-to-clear rather than top-to-bottom).

There are more new treats waiting in the wings, but right now I have a few hundred Zombie Walk pictures to work on, then off to photograph Sanctuary (and maybe the Fall if I can manage it), then Voltaire tomorrow...