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For those of us who are not of legal age to get into clubs and bars, where would be some choice places to hang?  I don't really want to wait a year and a bit to be able to hang out and meet new people.

Yah, Subeez is pretty good too. Similar to DV8, but they don't have ketchup in baby bottles (which frankly FREAKS THE HELL outta me).  Music's  not so much gothy but good nonetheless.

And V's right: announce it and the hoardes shall attend!

Yeah...I was wondering if there is any underage clubs or somehting in Surrey...around the Newton area.Im new to BC and I still dont know my way around this bloody place....

Well, it's not exactly a club, but you can try DV8 on Davie at Seymour - it's a restaurant/lounge that's very artsy.  The music may or may not be favourable though (it's been ages since I've been).  Or there's Taf's Café on Granville - more great art & good eats, the music varies.

Why not start something?  Announce a place & time and just meet there (café, restaurant etc.), get to know who's also underage and maybe work out a different place to go?  Or even talk to the venue & see if they'll let you have music on a certain night?  Things like this don't magically appear - someone's got to make them happen.

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