Trance clubs?

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At risk of being flamed for attempting to feed the little starving raver inside of me...

Does anybody know of any clubs around Vancouver that play good trance stuff?

Oh, and preferably places where the bouncers aren't jerks whereby a person can actually get through the door wearing only jeans and a t-shirt?

Note: I'm asking about trance. NOT house. I hate house. (I know, I know, it's almost all the same anyways...)

I'm not really much help on this one. Organix I know about because they've done a few crossover events with Sanctuary, but by and large I left the rave scene behind about ten years ago. In this regard you'd have a *lot* better luck on DarkVancouver, but Isaac is still screening new memebers, so it may take a while to get signed up.

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