Swedish band visiting Vancouver, but where?

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Swedish band visiting Vancouver, but where?

Hello everyone

My name is Martin and I’m the singer of the Swedish goth/synth band Marina Siertis. To follow up on our debut album “Delay and Depression” we will release our second album “The much needed second cold war” next year. At this point we are about to release the first single to our new album called “Disease”.

I will arrive to Vancouver on the 13th of March and leave for a trip down to LA on the 18th or 19th of March. The whole trip to Canada/USA is a combined vacation and promotion trip for the single “Disease” so I’m looking for some good promotion advice from you at the forum.

Does anyone of you guys know of/run an underground radio station or a club featuring this kind of music? As this trip is purely for promotion :P

I would be grateful for any lead on how to proceed. As a sample of our music the link below leads to a freely downloadable mp3 of a song called “Pretending” from our debut album.


More songs can be downloaded from


If anyone is wondering, “why have you chosen to come to Vancouver?”, my brother is living there.

Cheers all forum visitors

Hi, just wondering if you'll be coming back to Van BC? I'm in the band called Exit Nation and we're looking for band to play shows with us. Luv the music, good stuff! Hope to play a show with you next time you come! Goodluck on your tour. Peace and love.

Hello again

If anyone liked the music, you can head south on the 25th of March when we are doing a show at The Vogue in Seattle :).

I'm still going to Vancouver to visit my brother om monday and stay there for a few days. It will be a blast :)

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