No goth coffee in Van?

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I'm moving to Van in the new year from Victoria where we have a weekly coffee gathering... From what I can tell, there isn't anything like this in Van. Am I wrong? If not, is anyone interested in starting this up? Seems it's a good way to meet people, keep in touch, or just hang out without having to yell louder than Nitzer Ebb.

I'm new to the Vancouver scene and would like to meet people, so I went to Waves at 7, assuming this was still on (since it is on the calendar). Alas, I was wrong =C

Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove it from the calendar?

I'm so there! Always wanted to meet new folks, just been crazy to find a chance for time and place to go out. As awesome it is to go clubbing, clubbing is more for dancing not really chatting. Thanks for the great idea and setting this up!

Sounds like a great idea. Not only does Van. have a large goth community but also a lot of artists therein. A meet-up like this could be great for networking. I haven't heard of any such groups myself, but I've been out of the circuit for a few months due to work. The next task would be to find a coffee shop that wouldn't playing host to a group of goth clad patrons. Vancouver is pretty open minded but you get the few yuppy hangouts that cry over a pea in their mattress so to speak. :P

I hope you get some replies to this post, I'd be interested in a meet-up of this kind and getting back into the goth loop again. :)

Back in the days of the mailing list (i.e. late 1990's) we used to have Sunday brunch meet-ups at the Whip at 6th and Main. Attendance faded away around 2001 or so.

I'd recommend somewhere downtown that is easily accessible by transit since people are a lot more spread out here in the Lower Mainland than Victoria. Lanalou's ( on Pender, 2 blocks east of Main would be great option, one of the owners used to be door-girl for Sanctuary in the Purple Onion days, and it is basically Goth owned and operated, with gothy décor.

I'd love to see something like the Friday meet-ups at QV's. There's precious little going on Friday nights these days and getting out Friday always makes my weekends feel longer.

Wow, it's been awhile since you guys have had meet ups. I only got away from my small conservative town in 2004 and started stretching my deviant wings at college. I ended up going to a lot of anime meat-ups, which sported a few furries as well, but sadly, very few goths.

What would be the best way to get the ball rolling on a renewal of the Friday night meet-up. Why did attendance die off before in 2001?

I think it would be a great way to kick off the weekend, especially if there's an event on the following Saturday. :)

One of the problems you'll encounter in Vancouver is a deadly case of "taking it for granted that someone else will do it"--be that instigating events or attending them. The best way to start something is to go ahead and start something ;-)

I'd create an event on facebook and share it on the Gothic BC page, the Sanctuary page, and Descent page. That's pretty much all the people who set up the two very successful meet-ups in the park over the summer did, and they were a blast.

Don't worry about why attendance trailed off ten years ago. People move, drama happens, things change.

Count me in! I'd love to do something like this. Perhaps a bi-weekly thing? Has it already started?

I wanna plan something much bigger than a Gothnic or meet-up but I've reached to a stump right now. Definitely something we can discuss about during our regular meet-ups. COOOFFFEEEE!!!!! :)

Actually I was thinking of a club that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Including the DJs. But that Utopia idea sounds interesting!

I don't want to say anything now and on here (too early). It's definitely something a group can discuss but I don't want to throw it out now and then find out a week later someone else has planned it in a very poor way.

I would love to have a semi-regular event that's not a club night! especially if its based around art! I have actually been trying to get a stich-n-bitch group together for a while here, i have a few members that would be game for a monthly coffee where we can sit and do chainmail, draw, write (basically anything that doesn't make a huge mess).

I would be glad to help out, and maybe do something in conjunction with the goth picnic people. I wouldn't suggest more then once a month for a bit though, i found people got bored and stopped showing when we were doing more then once a month with Vsteam and we were doing different events each time etc.

That's a great idea. I'd love to have an opportunity to meet up with some like minded people since I'm relatively new to the scene and trying to meet new people in general in Vancouver is proving to be rather difficult.

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